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The Spaniel had been travelling for several months on a catamaran with a Swiss-French couple whom I met in the Canary Islands. We were sailing south off the eastern coastline of Fuerteventura when Saul (our captain) identified their vessel in close proximity to ours. He recognised the name of their boat which was displayed on our AIS marine traffic console, and so made radio contact with them. They had another catamaran in tow, but no specific destination for the night, so we all agreed to anchor in a quiet coastal bay called Gran Tarajal which came recommended. We used our dingy to meet them at a food venue on the beach that night – while the dog stood sentry on their boat.

Soon after we had arrived in the afternoon, Saul and I had swum over to their boat for a visit, but before embarking, their excitable pooch dived straight onto my head as I swam by. The boat has a dog-slide (as seen in the photo), but it had not as yet, been extended. So instead, the dog leapt from the top of the boat when she saw me rounding the corner to the stern. Being a fairly large young dog, I was a little startled by the collision and my snorkel was dislodged, but no harm was done so we played together in the water for awhile.

When we left the next morning we sailed past their catamaran but I struggled to get a good photo of my plucky playmate because she was running around the boat frenetically chasing shadows (or something more canine-distinct). Luckily, just as we were moving out of range, she settled in the gangplank area, and winked at us.